Webinar: Proof – Gamification is Impacting Business Performance


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It’s time to tackle the most important question with regards to gamification in corporate learning: can it actually impact business performance? Did you know that learners are 51.64% more motivated…


Protecting Your Business and Employees From the Inevitable


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In a recent interview, Carol Leaman (CEO of Axonify), Eldon Sprickerhoff (Chief Security Strategist of eSentire) and Leon Punambolam (Technology Industry Leader of Cowan Insurance Group) discussed how cyber risk…


Walmart Case Study

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Walmart is the world’s #1 retailer with approximately 2.2 million employees. In the US, Walmart operates more than 5,160 stores, including about 4,400 Walmart stores, 650 Sam’s Club warehouses, and a growing number…

Customer Testimonial Video


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Bloomingdale’s, Toyota, Toys”R”Us and others tout the benefits of Axonify.

Toys”R”Us Canada talks about Axonify


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Dorothy Tenute, the National Training Manager of Toys”R”Us Canada, shares how Axonify has helped transform learning at her organization.

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