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The Difference Between Learning and Knowledge, and Why You Should Care


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Assumptions that learning equals knowledge are wrong most of the time. The vast majority of companies today just dump all of this learning on their employees, hope they’ll remember everything,…

Ethicon Customer Profile


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Fred Argo is an Executive Sales Representative and Territory Account Leader for Surgical care at Ethicon — a world leader in the manufacturing of surgical devices. We talked to Fred…


Webinar: Why the LMS Doesn’t Work in Retail and Never Will


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It’s time to confront the elephant in the room—The LMS. We know you’re frustrated by it. We know it doesn’t work (especially in retail). And, we know it doesn’t make…

axonify uncovered

Toolkit: Axonify Revealed

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Axonify is different. It’s part of a newer crop of technology-driven platforms and tools that allow for the integration and repurposing of learning in many ways. Most interesting to me…

Modernize corporate learning

Webinar: 9 Essential Principles for Modernizing Your Learning Ecosystem


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Today’s learning leaders are facing a huge challenge: adapting their learning strategies so they can keep up with the pace of modern business. Employees are not being engaged or retaining…

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