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What Happens When Your Employees Don’t Know?

September 23, 2016

Categories: Knowledge gaps, Retail training

It’s a Saturday. You’ve had a heck of a week. After experiencing the luxury of sleeping in a little, you decide to get started on the day by tackling the…

How Bloomingdale’s delivers instant active shooter training to associates in wake of looming terrorist threat

December 4, 2015

Categories: Retail training, Safety awareness

On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, I traveled to New York City to meet with Bloomingdale’s, one of Axonify’s customers. That same day, ISIS followed up their attacks on Paris with…

Bloomingdale’s Saves Millions Through Revolutionary Approach to Employee Training

November 13, 2015

Categories: Brain based learning, Continuous learning, Game based learning, Gamification, Knowledge gaps, Loss prevention, Retail training, Training gaps, Uncategorized

Like most retail organizations, Bloomingdale’s relied on a handful of standard training approaches—awareness posters, classroom training, LMSs, and pre-shift morning rallies—which weren’t doing the job. (Let’s face it: Safe work…

Accelerating Product Knowledge with New Hires for the Holiday Season

October 9, 2015

Categories: Continuous learning, Interval reinforcement, Knowledge gaps, Multi-generational learning, Personalized learning, Retail training, Training gaps

The holiday season is just around the corner and you’re staffing up to meet demand. But for today’s retailers—especially those using multi-channel methods—onboarding new hires is not as simple as…

How to Boost Associate Expertise to Deliver a Successful Omni-Channel Retailing Experience

September 11, 2015

Categories: Learning Trends, Retail training

Our retail clients tell us that omni-channel is critical for maintaining an edge in today’s highly competitive retail market. This multi-channel approach to sales means that retailers can provide their…

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