About Us

Axonify is the worldwide leader in sustainable learning.

We believe it’s time for corporate education to contribute to the bottom line. Directly. Measurably. Sustainably.

But to do that, training needs to change. And that’s our mission.

Our mission is to change the way companies think about and deliver corporate learning, to maximize corporate investment in training, drive measurable financial objectives, and change company culture. We do this by creating a learning experience that leverages the perfect combination of science, technology and fun.

An Award-Winning Team

We are an award winning team of software developers and learning specialists based in Canada’s world-renowned technology hub, Waterloo, Ontario. In addition, we’ve teamed up with brain science leaders from Faculty of Health at York University and the prestigious Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest to better understand and leverage cutting-edge neuroscience research and its impact on human learning mechanisms.

With World-Class Customers

Our customers are companies like yours, on the lookout for ways to improve the ROI of their corporate learning, to develop more engaged, higher performing employees and create a vibrant, forward-thinking corporate culture.

Our Bottom Line? Quite simply: to measurably drive bottom-line results for our customers.

Axonify serves a wide range of industries and more than a few well-known companies – like Toys”R”Us, PepBoys, Johnson & Johnson and Walmart – with learning and awareness initiatives that continue to add value in sales, customer service, and worker safety.