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Meet Axonify – The World’s First Employee Knowledge Platform

We’re different from a Learning Management System (LMS), and more than an eLearning solution. Axonify solves the universal employee knowledge problem with our all-in-one platform, by empowering your people with the knowledge they need to impact your business.

With Axonify, you will:

Modernize Your Environment

Replace outdated methods with a new knowledge ecosystem that engages.

Close Performance Gaps

Empower your people with the knowledge they need to perform to their fullest.

Increase Knowledge Retention

Ensure the things your people need to know are remembered, and put into practice.

Make Learning

Ignite employee's competitive spirit, by using the right game mechanics.

Prove Business Value

Tie learning programs directly to business outcomes to show the value of your programs.

When your employees know better, they work better

Build the knowledge your employee’s need - in their heads and at their fingertips – to perform to their fullest potential. Axonify uses a combination of:


Deliver daily personalized, bite-sized “gamified” learning content (video, Tin Can, SCORM, text or images) in short bursts (from 3 - 4 minutes) on mobile, desktop or any other web enabled access point.

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Put ‘need to know’ information at your employee’s fingertips – and facilitate knowledge exchange and sharing between peers.

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Insight & Impact

Connect learning investments to on the job behaviors that ultimately drive real business results.

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It’s Proven, Axonified Employees...

State that Axonify helps them perform better on the job

Consider Axonify as the best knowledge-building solution they have used

Participate voluntarily at least 3x per week

These forward-thinking organizations are
using Axonify to build more knowledgeable employees every day

Axonify Unveils DiscoveryZone to Give Employees On-Demand Access to Critical Knowledge for Improving Business Performance! Read More >

Axonify for Your Business

Axonify combines an award-winning approach to knowledge-building that ensures employees are well-equipped to do the right things.

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